arrowKeystruetrue/falseUse left and right arrow keys for controls. Esc to close.
controlstruetrue/falseDisplay next / prev control arrows
looptruetrue/falseAllows looping back to the beginning
maxWidthnullintegerMaximum amount of pixels for width
maxHeightnullintegerMaximum amount of pixels for height
maxScreen90integerMaximum percentage of screen sizeOverrides maxWidth and maxHeight
updateRsztruetrue/falseUpdate on window resize
callbacknullFunctionFunction to run after every panel is completeAlso called after update method
lockScrolltruetrue/falsePrevent the browser from scrolling when popup is open
contentTypeimageimage, AJAX, iframeType of content to open in popup
AJAXContainerbody > *jQuery selctorHTML element to find and load into popupOnly used for AJAX content type