arrowKeystruetrue/falseUse left and right arrow keys for controls. Esc to close.
controlstruetrue/falseDisplay next / prev control arrows
looptruetrue/falseAllows looping back to the beginning
maxWidthnullintegerMaximum amount of pixels for width
maxHeightnullintegerMaximum amount of pixels for height
maxScreen90integerMaximum percentage of screen sizeOverrides maxWidth and maxHeight
updateRsztruetrue/falseUpdate on window resize
callbacknullFunctionFunction to run after every panel is completeAlso called after update method
lockScrolltruetrue/falsePrevent the browser from scrolling when popup is open
contentTypeimageimage, AJAX, iframeType of content to open in popup
AJAXContainernulljQuery selectorHTML element to find and load into popupRequired to be set in settings or on element for AJAX content type