Frequently Asked Questions

Bug Fixes

The image isn't loading.

Check your browser's console and it should contain the link of the image. Check that the specified image can be accessed by your browser.


Can I change the background and borders?

You can override my style rules in your CSS file. Open up the "jquery.galpop.css" file and there will be a section that you can edit. I recommend you copy and paste that into your own CSS file in case I update my file. Be careful when editing the positions and margins on these elements as some of those are important to make the plugin work.


Can you add different transitions and effects?

Not going to happen anytime soon. Different image sizes make it very hard to animate correctly. Only reliable way to do this is with an out and in effect.

Can I put something other than images into the pop-up?

Nope. This is a minimalistic image pop-up plugin. Since that's what most people will use it for, it's going to get bloated if I keep adding features that few people will use. I recommend Fancybox if you need to pop-up iframes and other content, or make your own in under 50 lines of code; give yourself more control and less overhead.